We offer a very broad services for property owners in Costa del sol, Spain.

Sales and rent of properties.

Construction and reformation.

Legal and notary services in fully English languages.

Translation serices in: Spanish – English – Swedish – Finnish languages.

Home security solutions.

  • Your own controlled entrance system. Watch who enter your home or leave with your mobile device. Use second hidden lock system to open or close the access to your home. The system comes witn normal traditional lock that swatters brake to get in. At this moment you get a messages in your mobile with video of the swatters. When they close the door you use the electronic remote security lock and lock the door to the police come.
  • Your lock is broken but your second remote lock still works and you can continue keep your home safe and locked. Price from 1500€

Anti ocupation doors and locks.

Resultado de imagen de puerta antiokupa

These doors is added front of your own door. Doors is usually 3mm heavy metallic doors and with a deep key that make it impossible to brake the lock. Swatters hate these doors because you cant brake in and you cant brake the frame to get in. The locks is deep inside the 3mm metal and only the key is to deep to try to use any tools to get access to the lock. Doors come installed and with any colors. Price from 1500€.

Rental insurances that cover up to 36 months unpaid rental and legal fees as well some reformations from 250€ a year.

Are you victim of your home being ocupade by swatters. We have 100% success in removing swatters. Contact us for more information.

Do you have someone that left rental bills unpaid and escaped to their country? We can help you to cash in the rentals.