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We offer wide solutions in home security. The good thing with us is that we are independent and can offer the best solution for you.

Why pay a security company when they cannot do more than you can do. You want to do something good, you need to do it by your self.

Squatters is one big issue in Spain and a growing issue. Also with latest technology burglers got faster and easier ways to get in your home. Bumping keys is the latest. Squatters and burglers ( many times the same ) get a bumping key (20-30 € on ebay) that open 90% of all doors in Spain. It takes about 15 seconds to open a lock with bumping key. For Squatters take 3 min to changes the lock and take your property.

One person got two times in one month that squatters taken over the property.

Our Squatter group is ready to negotiate and remove the squtters from your property. Many owners want to try by them self but had very bad and expencive results. Usually property owner get into court and need to pay for the damages that property owner affected to the squatters by disconnecting water and electricity and harmfull behaviors. Some spent a year in lawyer fees to wait for lawyers and court to act. The issue here is that you need to prosecure someone. When you do not have the identification of the people that is inside your property is hard to prosecute them and obligate them to come to the court for hearing. Police cannot enter the property by force and obligate squatters to identify them self.

In Spain there is officially 45 daily illegal property ocupation and growing.

The best way to keep your property as safe as possible is to keep intruders outside. We at Costa Office provide you with the the best possible solution to keep intruders outside and independent of where you are.

We recommand safety doors. The traditional door with safet layers inside the door is best option but also the most expencive option. We provide doors fro, 2500-10000 EUR that have different safety levels. Doors are also sound proof and you wont hear much if someone bang on your door. These are also good if there is a fire or smoke in the hall that most probably wont disturb you with a safety door. Safety doors looks same as any doors and can be equipped with electronic locks to keep squatters and criminals outside.

Pumping key do not open doors without keyhole.

Cheapest way may be: Anti-squatter doors. Cost with installation and keys in the hand 1500€. 

Are you affected by squatters?

Contact us for a solution. We do not charge you anything before your we removed squatters. 

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