Welcome to Costa Office

We have changed our services to the internet and this way we can offer as possible secure service. We also use Google meet, WhatsApp, Zoom to interact with clients. We find the solutions with ower 20 years experience in real estate & construction solutions. Our latest solution is our collaboration with JMC that make it possible to purchase all we have on our website in cryptocurrencies. Technically JMC changes the currency to EUR and client need to cashout in EUR. JMC is professionals in this and will help the clients to convert the crypto into Bitcoin that then will be cashed out in only one transaction to EUR. Basically if you want to purchase a 1 000 000 EUR property you select the property and that you want to pay with BTC (Bitcoin). Your detalls will be sent to JMC that send you some papers to fill in and the work starts. JMC make sure by sending paperworks to central banks and the bank you want your euro to be paid into. Very simple solution and this way we open up for more clients around the world. 

Our service areas:

Construction service, reformation, legal cases with professional and experience lawyers, English speaking notaries. Cleaning service that offer complete home solution like textil and clothes maintenance.


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